Make-up trends for 2018

This is the post excerpt.

Get ready this year to slay your festive occasions and cocktails with glitter highlighters rhinestones , gems, edgy eyeliners, glossy lipcolors and sparkly lip glasses because 2018 is all about being bold and blingy.

Here, we have managed to showcase some trendy looks displayed on the runways.

1. Glitter Goals

All that glitter is not gold, it is silver copper bronze and many more. Riri definitely created a striking transition of shifting shimmer from eye to cheek bones . So just dust around a pinch of glitter hightlighter on cheek bones or sprinkle on all over your face and hit the party floor.

2. Black bombshell

Black is splashy, black is eye catching Black is Black. Gone are the days of thin eyeliners covering your eyelids This season embrace both the lashlines with bold and thick black kohl. To add more drama, go for long wingliners or create geometric shapes .

3. Rhine-shine baby

Though this one is time consuming, but baby that’s worth it.

Lay down all your sparkly stuff, sequins, gems and rhinestones on your dressing table and bring out your inner diva to play with glitters over basic eyeshades and eyeliners.And be a million dollar baby for the day.

4. Cat – eye flick

You tried hard but everytime ended with alien shapes or you are too lazy for it.Then cat eye flick surely a saviour for you.and trust me you don’t need to be Picasso for this. All you have to round off the edges instead of drawing a sharp wing.

5. The Gloss boss

Matts are history now because glossy lip colors, glitter glosses and lip glasses are going to rule this season. Grab some bold and beautiful lip glasses to paint your lips and you are ready to rock your evenings.